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What is incognito mode and is it really private?

Modern Browsers come with an extra mode of browsing privately which shreds browsing history, cookies and browser’s local storage data as soon as you exit the private browser window. It makes it difficult for online activity trackers to trace and recommend content to the users via cookies identification. TOR Browser, Mozilla Firefox browser have been leading private browsing focused browser. Google chrome also offers incognito browsing mode but limits use of plugins, extensions in this mode. Is this enough to keep your private and tracking free on the web?

“Is incognito mode really private?”

“Is incognito mode secure?”

Sadly, the answer is “A BIG NO”

Let’s dive deeper and know how a private browsing mode is not actually as private as one thinks. Private or incognito browsing prevents user tracking to an extent by clearing cookies and related tracking data after you exit browser window but is not able to protect you from IP based tracking as it doesn’t hides or spoofs one’s IP address. As a result, you may not be able to evade powerful tracking and IP based analytics powered by Google, Adobe, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft and other tech giants or your ISP.

You may have observed that YouTube recommends you videos viewed by your nearby friends, colleagues or popular in your area, especially if you share the same network. YouTube and other websites are able to deliver such a tailored experience via IP address based user tracking and even without cookies.
This raises questions like:

Are we watching what we want to see?
Are we watching what they want us to see?

It may take us beyond the scope of this article but the point here is to ensure user privacy and private browsing fails to handle it well.

How to make Incognito Mode Really Private?

Proxies, TOR browser and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are used to prevent IP based tracking. One of the easiest ways to evade IP based tracking is to use a VPN. It hides your real IP from trackers  and assigns you a random IP in a different country, or a region of your choice every time you connect to the internet and thus prevents your online activity from being tracked via IP address.

Moreover, a VPN encrypts your data transfer and prevents your online activity from predating eyes.
So, incognito mode browsing becomes extremely private, safe and tracking free when backed by a strong VPN. Checkout our recommendations for best VPN for incognito mode.

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